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Relax - Gift Set of 4 Bath Kits

$62.80 $88.64


Aren't we are all in need of this Gift Set!?

This set includes the best of what we have to offer for a truly relaxing bath! Gift it to someone you care about or rather enjoy it yourself. You indeed deserve it! 

This Gift Set includes:

1) pause, LATHER, breathe - for easy breathing (Infused with Eucalyptus essential oil)

2)zen a'SAUNA - for calm & serenity (Infused with Vanilla fragrance & Lavender essential oil)

3) a SOAK of relief - for stress relief (Infused with Lemon & Lavender essential oils)

4) on a BATH-tox - to detox & purify (Infused with Lemon & Basil Essential Oils) 

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Relax - Gift Set of 4 Bath Kits

$62.80 $88.64